You see I’m always fascinated with poems,
Because it expresses of how you feel,
Or what a person feels.

You see, i was born with a talent to draw,
Just like my dad and grandpa,
I’m good in drawing,
But i never expected that i would also be good in poetry.

I love to draw, its where i put my imagination into one,
And with that i like to write poems,
I got inspired when i got to read a book and watch a movie about Romeo Juliet by William Shakespeare,
He is my all time favorite poet.

I only make poems if I’m sad,
I don’t know why, i guess that’s where i put my feelings out,
I can make poems that doesn’t take me an hour or so,
It only takes me a few minutes to think,
But mostly i directly write whats on my mind without thinking it for a second, just like now.

And so i write poems in my notes and tag friends,
Let them read it,
They enjoyed it, and i made them happy,
That also made me happy.

I write poems to make people happy,
And I’m proud of it,
You know, its not only William Shakespeare that inspired me, there are more,
And that’s my friends and family.

You wanna know my own definition of poems,
Poems are a mixture of happiness and sadness of a person,
In poems they can let go of their feelings out,
They can express it, act it, sing it, write it through poems, like what i’m doing now.

I’m expressing how i feel, I’m writing a narrative poem about me and about poems,
Poems can be sung and acted,
There are many songs that are actually poems,
There are some stories or drama like Romeo & Juliet that are acted out.

Poems are like a diary,
That you can keep your secrets or maybe not,
Poems are feelings that are written in many meanings, texts, styles and textures,
And that’s why I’m fascinated with it.

Poems also give you inspiration just like love,
Its true, i am inspired to write poems because of a poem written by my favorite poet,
Poems are words with different meanings,
And I’m writing it with different meanings like love, hate, sorrow, pain, gratitude, friends, family, teachers, relatives and more.

You see, that’s a poem,
It expresses how i feel or what you feel,
And this is me,
A poetry writer and an artist.

~ Eunice Marie (Shini) ~
(This is my Feeling of Gratitude and my own Meaning of Poems)