“I gotta stay away from you, I ain’t doing right with myself ..
I have already hurt the lil kid inside me, its craving to me for help ..

He was cheerful and lively, full of energy and zeal ..
Now he is sick and lonely, pain is all he can feel …

People have been like a big foot, stamping all over my face ..
I was helpless cuz I loved em, they made me feel the bitter disgrace ..

I no more wanna be helpless to my emotions, I won’t let em out .. never ..
Love is not written in my fate and if I love you, I lose you forever ..

Life is a blessing, I am happy to befriend the pain and try to move on ..
I no more believe that someone truly sacrifices and cares for too long ..

People show off their true colors when their work is being done ..
They become mean all of a sudden and break the trust with utmost fun ..

Don’t be benevolent enough cuz no one reciprocates with the same ..
People stamp on us and walk away when we are suffering in utmost Pain” !!