“Though we had to part our ways, you were never at fault …
I never kept myself in your shoes and was behaving like a dolt ..

I know you also loved me, trusted me as much you did yourself ..
I miss you a lot, but more i miss the cheerful person within myself ..

Those moments were truly the most beautiful, though they no more last ..
I scream and wake up the middle of the night saying this couldn’t end so fast ..

Though my Fate deceived me, I still stand strong ..
Wish you get back to me cuz I can’t wait any long ..

I know this would never happen, God has a better plan for you ..
Even If I move on with my life, I still and would always love you …

I can never cheat, never backstabb, I am a man of my own word …
My lips smile but my heart cries fretfully which can never be heard ..

I find myself all alone even though if I stand in a mob ..
No one yearns for my soul cuz it has learnt to no more sob ..

If loving you was a Sin, then yes I was always wrong ..
I ain’t too weak to give up but neither I find myself strong ..

All I pray to God is that wherever you are / whatever you do, you are always happy ..
Cuz someone somewhere halfway down the globe would be happy to know you are happy” !!