Loneliness is tearing me apart.
How can I console my heart?
Its bleeding deep inside.
My dreams have shattered.
All hopes have died…..
Existence has no reason
Life is just passing with each season..
There’s a saying time heals
but I don’t think mine will..
My heart only cries
I can give up everything
am even ready to sacrifice
just to have You back in my life…
Myriad of questions haunts me.
Don’t you ever think of me?
Once you only said
We are meant for each other
and will always stay forever together.
Then how can you leave me
in the ocean of tears
and make me live in my darkest fear…
All I am left with is to remember
the sweet moments we shared
where you loved me and you cared…
They say memories are golden
Well that’s can be true.
But how can I let them know
that I don’t want memories
I only want You…..