MOM, Thank you for being our mother,

Today there is a fragrance in our lives,

It’s the way you nurtured our souls with affection, care,

Knowledge, filial love, understanding, patience, strength,

Grace, dignity and wisdom………………………………

Thank you mom for teaching us the grace of meekness,

Humility and the joy of giving, to convey love through actions,

How to manifest presence by always being there;

Your own silent presence was so felt and so supreme.


Thank you for teaching us to put others first,

To make another’s life a little easier to live,

To put in the best efforts in whatever we do,

To face life’s battles bravely without batting a lid,

To believe, wait and hope and pray in patience.

Thank you for bequeathing to us today,

The strength to help us live with the same simplicity,

Vintage our lives with goodness and to age with grace and dignity

You were an example, Mom.


Thank you God, for giving us this wonderful woman,

Who excelled in all the roles you wanted her to play

Without you mom, its so hard……………………..

Today, we -your children all promise to always be there for each other

And for others strong and supportive as you would want us to.

We close our burning eyes,

Hoping sleep to vanquish all,

In the deep recesses of our minds,

Lies embedded a beautiful jewel-

A soul so simple, so rare

A  tender heart that always cared.


A turbulent mind sketches the outline of a majestic countenance…..


Every wrinkle split the radiance of a thousand smiles,

A smile so sincere is stolen,

Amidst us the brightest star is fallen,

Unbelievable still now we believe,

For the grim fact lies unveiled…….THE ABSENCE