(Love is not measured by the number of times

You touch each other…..

But the number of times

You reach out to each other)


Can’t love be like the first rays of the sun,

Warm, soothing, comforting;

Should you always want it to be?

The blinding glare of the noon-heated and taunting……..


Can’t love be like the soft, gentle breeze,

Caressing, easing away all tensions;

Should it always be a whirlwind, a gush, a gash

Swift and sure to be gone in a moment……


Can’t love be like a lisping stream

Bouncing merrily over the pebbles of life finding reasons for living:

Should it always be a sea of heartaches,

An ocean of loneliness,a dam of pride…….


Can’t love be sometimes as silent as the shadows,

Each content…yet there for each other

Should it always be a booming pretence

Brandishing ego to the drumbeats of I,Me,Myself…


Cant love be a shrine scented with smiles

Pure and sweet and healing….

Should it always be infested

With falseness and slime….


Can’t love be lingering and lasting,

Like a flame burning constantly:

Should it always be a fizzle of fireworks,

Or a tidal wave of destruction…..

Going,going ,gone.


Cant’ love be a dying ember ,where only memories remain,

Should you always make it a roaring spitfire,

A heinous crime,a a numbed soul

Or an aimless existence,embittered,

Kindled with hatred forever.


(Don’t let your love be a murderous flash,

Let it be pure sunshine-sweet and healing).