I was fretting about that though I have so many friends in my list, I wasn’t able to see all my Friends updates in my News Feed. It also came to my notice that the same people liked and commented on my status, pics .. For a while, I thought that my friends might have blocked me in their News Feed. People were neglecting my posts. I was also not able to view all my friends recent updates. It was yesterday that one of my good friends told me that by default, the New Facebook Profile’s settings are set in such a way that only the people who have interacted with you the most (comments, likes and messages) would be able to see your updates / posts (People who have interacted with you prior to upgrading to the New Facebook Profile). My friend said that she was also facing the same problem and now it had sorted out for her. I pondered for a while and realized that this was true.

No one’s neglecting you, you are still their good friend but they are not able to view your updates and vice versa.

Now this is how you can get this sorted out –

1. Click on “Home”.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of “Home Page” (News Feed)
3. Click on “Edit Options”.
4. By default, “Show Posts from” would have – “Friends and Pages you interact with most”.
5. You have to change it to ,”All of your Friends and Pages”.
6. Click on “Save” button.

Its of no use if you are just posting updates to your profile in each and every hour but hardly any of your friends are able to view them. Peope who ain’t able to view your posts now would never be able to see them until and unless they change their settings in the NEWS FEED.

This is very much important if you want to stay connected with each and every friend in your Friends List. Please feel free to share this note with all your friends.