“You are in my dreams you’re always in my prayers,
Embrace my soul before it vanishes away in despair ..

You’re the one I seek, you’re the one for whom I crave ..
Just Hold me in your arms before I’m placed in the grave ..

Life was full of happiness, before you dissapeared behind the fluffy clouds ..
I await till the last breath, feels lonely even when i’m stranded in a crowd …

I see the days turning into night, I see the aloof pale yellow moon ..
You were an Angel to me and your Love to me is an unforgettable boon ..

I miss the feel of your arms around me, miss the sweet smile over your lips ..
I stumble every step I take, hold back myself towards the darkness as I drift ..

I miss your tantalizing hazel eyes, I miss how elegantly they gazed at me ..
I miss the bright sunshine of your Love, that once you ignited within me” ♥