I come across an Innocent being abused by her parents ..
I told her to call up the Authorities but it made no sense …

I halfway across the globe wasn’t able to reach out to her ..
She cried fretfully but neither the relatives nor the neighbours could hear ..

Urging for her safety, craving to help her to get outta that hell ..
Can’t even reach out to her, my soul wasn’t even worth to sell ..

Poor child being locked up in the closet without food or water ..
It was same as a lil kitty being crucified and being slaughtered …

I go beyond my ways, I pray day and night for her well being ..
I ask everyone to help me out, especially from my kith and kin …

None ready to lend a helping hand as everyone has their own life to look after ..
I ask her to be rest assured as I’m gonna work out some or the other thing for her ..

The lil innocent girl believes my words and keeps herself hard and strong ..
I tell her that everything’s gonna be alright as this hard times won’t last for long ..

She was gonna kill herself but listening to my words she has a hope of a better life ..
Helpless and innocent but now she knows she ain’t alone and she wants to survive ..

One of my friends gets ready to help her and ready to nurture her till she turns old …
All we want that girl is to get some providence and we want her to be stubborn and bold ..

Before she could get any proof, her parents cut off all the modes to contact me …
The girl is frightened, helpless, doesn’t know what to do all alone without me …

She is left to her grandparents place cuz she keeps herself strong and fights all night ..
I ask my friend to reach out to her but through the dark times we don’t find a ray of light ..

The last time I talk to her is when she thanks me for helping her out and giving her a new life ..
My eyes are wet with tears and I tell her that I’m gonna fight with everyone till the time I’m alive ..

I still pray to God and ask him to guide and protect even though I ain’t with her …
I donno where she has lost, I fret sometimes even though I know she is safe than ever ..

I still turn INSANE, I turn into a RETARD when I remember her sobbings …
My hatred has no bound when I miss that lil Angel without any wings ..

All the lil kids are Gods beautiful Angels and one has no right to hurt them ..
Raise your voice if you ever come across an abuse if you’ve got any shame …

Think about the lil kids who are innocent but still have to go through this pain ..
Atleast raise your voice against ABUSE and don’t sit back and just refrain ..