Is there someone you can turn to
When you are worried, vexed or weary?
A chest where your restless soul finds solace,
Is there someone to speak soothing, reassuring words
To comfort and console   when you are heart-broken or blue?
Is there someone in whom you could confide your fears??
or entrust with  the deepest and darkest secrets of your heart??


Is there someone who will
rest a hand on your fevered brow when you are ill???
Or speak words you don’t want to hear but sounds sensible,
Dole dollops of encouragement when you’re feeling low?
Is there someone who can tell you to have faith,
Everything will be fine??
Or help you restore faith in humanity..
by saying have faith my friend
As long as u have  life there is hope….not vice versa
Or pat your back when you win that gold……..


For it eventually returns……
The universe acknowledges good deeds and pranksters,
And God in his own mysterious ways makes it happen…
For everyday we all find a  someone who comes into our lives
And adds an aura to our living……….
Forms may vary, an animal,
a child who smiles at you while crossing the road,
A needy neighbour, nature gives you your chance

SO,If you have someone, rest assured you are lucky,

If not,


For it will come back to you,
That’s Mother Nature’s way of thanking you….
It may not be your best mate,
Might not even be family –perhaps a stranger,

But there is always a SOMEONE ……….

– Nelly