“I sit down all alone being mad ..
Fretting about what I never had …

I have been a peice of junk, people stamp and walk on me ..
I had been someone who i was never supposed to be ..

I scondered time recklessly without any fear ..
Now my life and my ambitions, nothing seems to be clear ..

I am worried cuz its gonna be now or never ..
I wanna stand all by myself without any favour ..

Life is a Race people are rushing ahead ..
I am stranded all alone like a DEAD ..

Where have I lost myself? what happened to the person within me?
Lots of questions need to be answered, I’ll answer slowly and steadily ..

Now is my time, i need to make use of this time ..
Wasted years of my life, time once gone could never be mine ..

Who am I? What do I deserve, Where am I supposed to be?
I have been no one till now, this ain’t the right place for me ..

Life will be full of pain, if i stay a chump for all my life ..
Gotta catch the race before life makes me dance to the tunes of the FIFE ..

Can’t live this way, No more want to be tricked by the nasty fate ..
I have to stand up by hook or by crook before it gets too late ..

Failure teaches a lesson which one should never forget …
Always remember what you learnt if you don’t wanna regret” !!