I just don’t understand why people hate someone whom they don’t know at all, whom they never talked to, who don’t know the truth about them. In my life there is only one person who truly meant my life and i meant everything to him.

Others even from my family hate me, The ones whom i call friends ruined my relationship by creating misunderstands. And even my best friend from my school proposed my girl even though he know that i love her and when we are in relationship and others were encouraging him… And the relatives and others members of family talk crap about me. Because of that reason used to hate everyone around me.

But Now i learnt many truths of life, there are only only a few people in your life really care about you and others are just pretend as they love you but behind our back they hate us and are busy with their own life… Even your sister, brothers after marriage they think about themselves they don’t have time to think about you they become selfish. I’ve been noticing this from years from people around my surroundings, my friends, my family etc.

All my life I suffered a lot of things like hatred, pain, loneliness. But I learnt many things. I experienced every form of hatred and i know what its like And i overcame it. Now i know many truths of life, you don’t how people hate each other not only around me but also in others life, every body hates each other strangers, neighbors, friends and even family members hate each other. But they pretend as they care but behind our back.

I have seen so many people who hate their own sisters, brothers, friends who cheat you, talk bad about you, create misunderstandings and create hatred among your friends towards you just for their fulfilling their selfish needs And many other people hate you without any reasons, even your relatives talk bad about you among other relatives. Now i know the truth of life, people and how world works. Hatred taught me how to judge people, who really mean to be in your life. I came to know that every body is after fun, entertainment, money, selfish needs, beauty, fame. Nobody gives a shit about you. But there is only one whom you can trust with your life. He is difficult to find but when you find him he will make your life worth living for. And you must have found him by now. I have only one that’s Abdul Althaf.

Only a person who suffers pain only knows what really the pain is. What really life is for.

But even through my 17 years of pain and sufferings. I love my life it made me unique and taught me the real reason for my life. i learned too many truths, i can judge people, i learnt the real truth of life, what life really is, so I’m lucky that i learnt too much in this short life. I feel like my purpose in my life is fulfilled. I am really very grateful for my life.

Its me and my life.

– Muzzafer Ali
[Dated 11/09/2011]