You were in the daunting days, you were in the stealthily approaching nights ..
Holding your hand made me fearless, never craved for a single ray of light ..

You were in the gentle blow of the breeze, you were in the dancing leaves ..
The one surrounded by Love & happiness now wants to cease the grieves ..

Love was a blessing bestowed upon me but how did it turn so evil ..
It was chivalrous to the core, never reckoned it can be so cruel …

Life was full of trials and tribulations but your love held me safe in its arms ..
I was stranded in an ocean of sorrorws, you inspired me to face the storms ..

You taught me to love unconditionally, you did become my life ..
I saw my life slipping away, without you every minute I’ve died ..

Now I stand fearless, I’ve been through the worst whilst waiting for too long ..
This heart has broken the clutches of love and now its time to move on .. ♥