All through the day the droning sound of machines,

Drowns the sounds of human voices,

Your feverish mind mutters and curses,

As your impatient hand sketches the latest designs,

You are entangled through all sorts…..

Webs of muddled figures added to various sizes of timber,

You have no time to spare cause now you feel,

Family ties ought to be strengthened,

And more attention bestowed upon,

A guilty conscience brings forth sincere attachment,

And as you realize you have been wayward

That’s when you may think that you have loved and lost.

Yet, there’ll be times when you are exhausted and drained,

Tired of a whole day’s supervision

Or times when you find that you just can’t concentrate

There’s an irate little nerve throbbing inside your head

You close your tired eyes and try to rest

Then like the sun’s first rays,


Some sweet memories will come, seeping through the mind’s eye

And you will cast a glance towards me-a dimming vision,

And maybe you will sigh longing to know my thoughts about you

Of how I regard our now strained relationship

Pulling apart a clover leaf,

She still loves me, she loves me not

You will turn around you and find no one about

You will whisper my name.

Thus, letting your contrite heart some sad relief,

You’ll go down memory lane,

Where unbidden tears threaten to give you away,

When your heart cries out that you want me near,

And you call out to me again and again.

You must know my heart’s desire

I still care….That I still love you

And I believe in your love.

But one can love and love and love no more,

That’s what we have been doing,

As I bury my toes into the sand

I confess to a dying sun my sole witness,

Inspite of all the hurt, pain and disappointments you gave me

That I love you -And I always will.




An aftermath, those tender moments,

Now shattered and strewn though,

Each fragment a memory,

A memory that has destroyed us-individually,

Me too, though you think I am unaffected

If you insist so….

Remember its been more painful for me,

For its I who gave you up,

Knowing how invincible it would be

Considered the conflicting consequences,

The throes of our suffering is mutual

Do not blame me alone for everything my love

Don’t call our love names…..

Remember me for what I was to you,

Remember our love as it always was,

For that’s the way it will always be,

Painful — yet sublime.

– Nelly