I wanna be in a world wherein you and me are together,
Laying my head in your lap, I say ‘I’ll love you forever’ ..

Looking deep down my eyes, you kiss my forehead …
Knowing my invincible love for you, your eyes turn wet …

I hold you tight in my arms and roll my hand over your head ..
Nothing can tear us apart, I won’t give up on you till I’m dead ..

Kissing your tears, I keep your head over my shoulder ..
I wish the stealthily approaching night never gets over …

Laying under the sparkling stars, we hold each others hand ..
I promise to never leave you even if I’ve to fight with an eveil fiend ..

I have truly loved you from all my soul and nothing can tear us apart ..
God has blessed me with your love and I’ve embedded you in my heart ..

No one wants us to be together but in each others soul we dwell ..
Humans can do us no harm cuz God himself is our Guardian Angel ..

Don’t be afraid cuz we ain’t alone, the Almighty’s watching over us ..
The ones who try to come our way would be demolished into dust ..

I embrace you gently, look deep down your blue tantalizing eyes ..
I kiss your pink cheeks and say, I will love you untill my demise … !!!