You were of utmost importance, the dearest one in my life ..
You walked away and never cared to see if I’m dying or I’m alive ..

My Eyes have turned dry, they have waited every single day for you ..
Can’t give up so easily not cuz I’m stubborn but cuz my love is true ..

I was in a haste, I was disturbed, I was worried and so were you …
We were happy in a world full of love, for us it was completely new ..

There were fights, there were tears which were of utmost joy ..
Luck played with our lives and tore us apart like a kid plays with a toy ..

There is lot to learn from this, a lot I can never forget ..
Remembering those beautiful days, my eyes still turn wet ..

I hide my pain, I put a smile and I wake up everyday with a new life ..
Everyday I die number of times but God heals me and keeps me alive ..