True love can be pure,
But sometimes we can’t be sure,

Finding our true love takes time,
Take a quick sip of a lemon & lime,

Waiting can be sweet or sour,
It can take minutes or hours …

True love is a magical power,
In a desert, it can bloom a flower ..

True love is wonderful,
Its truly so beautiful…

Sometimes we may fight and cry,
But our love will never die …

Sometimes there’s hatred,
That cannot bewildered,

True love can be a pain,
Over and over again,

But in the end its more sweeter,
And we feel so much better,

Sometimes true love is bitter,
And we all feel like a quitter,

We quit easily,
Cause its not easy…

True love is not easy to find,
Its hard to think in our mind,

But we need to make sacrifices,
Cause we were given choices…

Don’t worry, true love will find its way,
And it will stay forever in our heart,
That can never be torn apart …

~ Eunice Marie (Shini) ~