“Luck always did and would always keep playing tricks with our life ..
The only person we love utmost pierces the innocent heart with a knife ..

Friends and Family console us and give us a reason to survive ..
But the bitter memories torture with pain leaving us paralyzed ..

Our lips crave to smile again and tears never stop rolling down the eyes ..
The one addicted to the sweetness of love now tastes the bitter tears in life ..

Ears give up listening to the false assurances of our Kith and Kins ..
We panic when the heart feebly questions us, “Is truly loving a SIN”? …

Brain tries to convince the heart saying,”Never regret for what you loose”,
Heart answers softly, “Did you ever tried keeping yourself in my shoes”?

Life turns out to be a living HELL, when you die every second of your life ..
Just keep fighting making yourself strong, don’t give up untill your demise” !