‎”Love the ones who deserve to be loved …
Or be prepared to cry the tears of Blood ..

Love, its just simple and sounds such a sweet word ..
None can imagine how audaciously it can turn you absurd ..

No matter how hard you try to uplift yourself, how strong you try to stand …
You will always fall weak in life, if there ain’t someone holding your hand ..

Though Love gives you the courage to face the difficulties with a smile ..
Its the only thing which breaks you into no. of pieces leaving you fragile ..

Though you know you can find someone much more better than the one you loved ..
Truth is you’re in heaven and not in this world when you’re in the arms of your beloved ..

I don’t know why people curse death more than a life ..
When a life without love makes it more hard to survive ..

Don’t fear the pain, don’t be afraid of loving someone …
Life without love is like awaiting a dawn without a scorching sun” !!!