I don’t know where you’ve lost, don’t know where to find you …
Pray day and night for your well being and ask God to be with you …

Last time we talked, you were ill but still you chose to face everything ..
Unaware of the roaring storm, I didn’t notice the alarm bell ringing ..

Never reckoned that your folks would play such a wicked game with you ..
They deceived you audociously despite your love towards them was true ..

I can never blame you cuz you are yourself being tricked ..
None understood your emotioins cuz they were totally sick ..

Wish they could trust me, everyone had just concluded me as a fool …
Despite of yelling at the top of my voice they acted like a dumb rented mule ..

Wasn’t I trustworthy? why didn’t I deserve to be with you?
They never answered my questions even though I had a few …

I don’t regret for everything cuz I know you truly loved me ..
My love for you was divine which everyone else failed to see ..

Days have turned into months but I’m still stranded at the same place ..
Lost my way to move outta the dark, I’m still going through the same phase!