So many promises, all went in vain ..
People vanish away leaving only pain ..

No ones at fault, whom should I blame?
People change, why aren’t they same?

Love, my love for you made me like this ..
Tired of these scars, pain, the deep bruise ..

Look at me, who was I and what have I become ..
What happened to me, why does Love makes me numb?

For your happiness, I sacrificed what all i had ..
Hurt, bruised, crucified but still I ain’t sad …

This Love, yes my endless Love changed everything ..
Heaven and Hell, in the middle my lonely life swings ..

I am lost, I wander through the dark looking for help ..
Can’t find an exit out of this cuz I am lost within myself ..

No matter how hard this is, but I can never stop loving you ..
Blessed with tons of Love and I showered everything on you ♥

No matter we had to fall apart, we ain’t together anymore …
I embrace your memories in my heart which I would always adore ♥