I defy to be your puppet anymore
Won’t allow you to hurt me ..No..Nomore.
You are allowed to break free
Though I can bet
You won’t be able to forget me..
Cuz the love I gave was true
Even it was just a game for you..
Go, my Casanova, trade your heart
Enjoy the game you play with class and art…
See how many hearts you can win
and how many you can ruin..
You know theres plenty avenues
so every damsel you meet..
let your heart scream ‘I Love You’…
With that killer smile
and mesmerised words
fix your eye and set the target.
When pinned, bring her close and near
Whisper in the ear “I truly Love You, my dear.”
With all your fiery passions and desires
Shower your love with rains of hugs and kiss.
Win the trust and let her feel its a bliss.
Then slowly unveil your mask and nail
and when you are completely assured
the target is totally shattered and ruined.
Just put a tag Mission Accomplished..
Broken hearts are your trophies.
Accumulate them and be happy…
Let the saga continue
Until you are over and out…
But, my love, a word of caution
The game which you play
with immaculate precision
to murder others emotions..
Just remember there is a word
called Conscience and it pricks..
Though I am in ample doubts
whether its alive or you have strangled it to death.
If it is still breathing and alive
Then make it a point to talk once in a blue moon
Don’t let your conscience die so soon…
All are answerable to the Supreme above
So play safe and enjoy your Game of Love….