I know you still love me and you also know that I love you ..
People who know the worth of Love in this world are very few ..

I never deserved deprivation but that’s what I got in return ..
Fighting every day with memories and bitter pain ain’t no fun …

Just cuz there were difficulties in Love, you decided to give up on us ..
Love was a blessing bestowed upon us and you misunderstood it as a curse ..

I just want you to be happy, doesn’t matter if I have to face the pain ..
If you are happy, I don’t care if all my sacrifices go recklessly in vain ..

With the passing time, I feel your love has eventually diminished ..
I lose all my hopes cuz I Never thought this would end up like this ..

Wish I could take back the time, start it all over once again ..
Its hard to believe our love doesn’t exist, I am turning Insane …

I no more care who all are standing against me, who all are there with us ..
Are you ready to face everything? I hope someday your answer will be a ‘YES’ !!