I am just a decorative piece
in your well furnished room.
My presence hold no importance to you.
You can so very easily ignore.
Not even bother to know
how much it hurts me to the core…
I wish to place you in my shoe
just to make you realise
how humiliating it can be…
Don’t you ever think?
How it hurts when you dont talk to me.
How it hurts when you dont even ask
what I want and how I feel…
I can also treat you same
but something within me
stops and says…..
Why should I be as others are
then how can I be
what and who I am…
Do what ever you feel like
I wont mind anymore..
coz I have made a promise to let go..
How much more one can give
I am tired now I can feel.
Never in my wildest dream
I thought my life would be
A tale of unspoken misery…
Still I will hold my smile
and show the world
how happy I am
to be your wife………

– Reborn