Whenever you are tired of facing the difficulties in life, whenever you are about to regret for the kind of life you are living .. just take a look around and observe the people from close quarters who are living a substandard life, take a look at the people who don’t know what pleasure it is to wear good branded clothes, what is to go for a ride in a Shelby GT – 500, who don’t even get good squaremeals a day … You would be happy with what you have, for what your parents did for you, you won’t regret anymore for the life you got !!
when you find yourself stranded alone in the midst of trials and tribulations, go and help a poor and it will bring a peace of mind to you … think of these people who enjoy the problems cuz their life itself is the biggest problem. Be happy for what you are, for what you get and for what you got in the past !!!