Promises are  easy to make,
But they are very painful when they  break.

No one knows, what makes people change,
Promises they make, never remain the same,

Your broken promise has filled my heart with pain,
Now it’s hard for me to move on and believe someone again.

You said promises are meant to be broken,
But u never realized, how much I was  shaken.

I cried because I was pained,
But that never makes ya change.

Broken promises are better,
if someone promise to leave, yet they stay.

But your broken promises,
have made me to move away.

I wish one day you will realize, what you did..
Breaking promises and then aplogizing,
isn’t a play of a kid.

Never understand, why people make promises if they can’t keep?
Why don’t they realize, broken promises make their loved one, emotionally weak.