Wish I could spend my whole life with you ..
Cuz I truly loved you and would always do …

Though you are gone, a part of you is still with me.
I close my eyes and your memories flash before me ..

People say I have turned Insane cuz I wait upon you ..
You ain’t gonna come back, but i wait cuz I stil Love you ..

I am lost within myself, everything seems so blurred ..
Your Love made my heart cry the bitter tears of blood …

I laugh at myself trying to hold back my tears ..
Im just broken but i’m okay cuz I don’t act weird ..

I know this ain’t gonna help me, I’m heading to no where ..
I dont know what I am looking for, don’t know if I reach somewhere ..

I will someday pity myself, break the clutches of your love and move on ..
Always remember that my Love and your memories would last for a lifelong !!