Every night when I lay in bed,
my mind goes racing with thoughts I dread.
I think of the times we had as one,
it reminds me of all our beautiful fun.
But now I lay in bed alone,
wondering if I’ll get back what I once had known.

I’m so scared and full of fear,
I often find myself shedding a tear.
All I want is to hold you near,
kiss your neck and whisper sweetness in your ear.
But for now I must count on hope,
try my best to deal and cope.

All it took was a job for me,
I would’ve never lost my girl to be.
It took time to do and find,
but now everything will be just fine.
Now I hope you can look at me,
see how hard I have worked for thee.
I will be the best I can be,
but I really do need your love next to me.

Now my soul is hurt and weak,
I pray to god that we may once again meet.
I will dream of you tonight night,
I will hold my pillow nice and tight.
Now I lay me down to sleep,
pray to lord my soul YOU keep.

Ron Jr