Ask me.. the value of a second.. beacause.. when I see her or when I am with her..

Each and every second gets counted…


Ask me.. the value of a minute.. because.. once I was wanting to see her beauty..

But I was 1 minute late and the bus was gone…


Ask me.. the value of an hour.. because.. when I used to talk to her for hours..

I used to feel so lost in her.. I realised one hour is really very less time…


Ask me.. the value of a day.. because.. when I am not with her..

All the time all time I feel is hollowness inside.. thinking about her all the time..


Ask me.. the value of a night.. because.. when I used to talk to her the whole nights..

Clock seemed to run so fast.. I used to wonder why the Sun has risen up so early…


Ask me.. the value of a week.. because.. she used to go home..

And I’ve spent the weeks.. without having any kind of touch with her…


Ask me.. the value of a month.. because.. she was once apart from me for a month..

And I’ve spent that whole month without her…


Ask me.. the value of months.. because.. she had given me the most beautful three months in my life..

And these months felt like passed in no time…


Ask me.. the value of years.. because.. I’ve passed more than six years without her..

There wasn’t any day in my life in which I didn’t thought of her..

I always used to thought there will be definitely one day in my life.. A day from which my whole life will change..

A day from which she will be mine.. Making all of my dreams come true…


Ask me.. what dreams really mean about.. I still wonder which was the day when I was fallen in love with her..

And from that day she was always in my dreams..

I always used to find her.. knocking the doors of my thoughts.. and my heart..

At first I never came to knew.. what and why all such happening to me..

But when she got apart for years.. Everything was getting cleared to me..

Finally I found myself.. that I am in love with her..

My all dreams got changed.. I always used to dream of just holding her hand..

I always use to dream of her beautiful face smiling..

I always use to dream of past things happened..

Everything I use to dream.. I use to think that I’m dreaming too big..

But when she came into my life.. after a long wait of years..

she gave me too much beyond I use to dream.. which I even never dreamt about..

Even that much.. sometimes I use to feel that my real life itself has become dream…


Ask me.. what’s the feeling of being alone and lonely.. because..

There’s no one else in my life and my heart except that girl.. whom I only love..

When she’apart.. I am left alone.. and all what I feel is loneliness..

Even I can sit in crowded meeting.. I can give a best performance..

But all what I feel is loneliness..

I sit alone.. I stand alone and I walk alone…


Ask me.. how it feels like being with a princess of the universe.. because.. I was once with a beautiful girl..

Alone beautiful word is just enough for her.. because.. we can search the whole universe.. she’s the only beautiful girl..

Her damn beauty like magic.. making me forget everything.. rest of the world..

Damn beautiful and sweet smile.. vanisihing all of my sadness.. and filling my soul with joy and happiness..

Her damn beautiful style and the way she use to get things done.. just driving me mad and crazy..

My eyes used to forget blinking.. when my heart often skips beats..

I always used to have a lot of things to say when I thinks about her..

but always my lips gets sealed when I gets chance to…


Ask me.. how sadness really feels.. because.. I never use to share anything about my sadness..

Yet I might seem happy and carefree.. But inside what I feel is only known to me..

My whole life is filled with sadness..

That’s why I really value happy moments.. if any comes in my life..

One happy moment in my life.. really worths the millions sad moments in my life…


Ask me.. how happiness feels like.. because.. I was never happy in my life.. but since she came into my life..

Everything was changed.. I totally forgot all of past sadness..

Since happiness she gave to me.. I never had imagined before..

I was even that happy.. it was always saprkling on my face..

Everyone used to ask me.. if I’m alright.. or is there anything wrong with me…


Ask me.. what it feels like when we have nothing.. because.. I have spent almost my whole life without any hopes..

I always used to ask GOD.. is this my life..

I was having no aims.. no destinations in my life..

I was totally fed up of my life.. I wanted to give up.. I wanted to end my life…

My willings for giving up life used to get strong.. when even I just use to imagine my life without her…


Ask me.. what it feels like when we have everything.. because.. I was once having everything in my life..

Yes.. my everything is that girl.. my dream angel..

Only I know.. what’s the value of having everything in life.. when we have nothing..

She came into my life all of sudden.. like an angel sent from above..

And she became my everything..

She always used to ask how I am a lot times.. in short intervals.. even knowing that I’m OK..

She had always asked that I had eaten something or not.. forcing me to eat.. even knowing that I’m not hungry..

She had always taken cared of me.. in her own special way..

No one else had taken cared of me.. not even my parents.. like she given care to me.. and no one else can..

I was her favourite part.. her keen interests.. her most importances..

She gave me all new dreams.. all new thinkings.. a better future..

Yes.. this was my everything…


Ask me.. what it feels like when we have lost everything.. because.. Only I know..

what it really means about loosing everything..

When I was having nothing.. I just used to hope for..

But soon I got everything.. more than I dreamt about..

I was getting more and more with each passing day..

I was afraid of nothing.. I wasn’t even afraid of dying.. I was just afraid of loosing her..

But everything didn’t lasted long.. Things I got one by one.. I lost everything in just matter of no time..

Only I know the pain of loosing eveything.. Now I have nothing else left to loose..

Now that I have lost her.. still I’m afraid of one thing..

And that’s not dying.. I’m just afraid.. that now who else will truly love her like me..

Yes.. I have lost my everything.. everything disappeared.. like I’ve waken up from dreams..

Now I am scared of my life.. do I have to live the rest of my life without her forever..

I don’t feel hungry anymore.. I dont’t feel thirsty anymore.. I don’t have sense of humour anymore..

I don’t smile anymore.. everything has vanished away from my life..

With each passing day.. I feel like needing her more.. but I’ve lost my everything…


Ask me.. what tears are and how it feels like.. because.. only I’ve spent the most of my life crying..

Tears feels so hot.. it tastes salty.. the more deeply I cry.. the greater the taste and hotness..

The more I try to stop myself from crying.. the more and huge tears comes out..

Tears comes out for the times when I wanted to confess my feelings to her..

Tears comes out for the times when I got apart from her.. for many years..

Tears comes out when she came back into my life..

Tears comes out when she gave my everything.. happiness and joy..

I was even that happy in being with her.. I used to cry in happiness..

But she always wiped all my tears away..

Tears comes out for the regrets..

Tears comes out for the mistakes I’ve made..

Tears comes out for the times.. when I came to know that I’ve lost everything..

Tears comes out now.. when finally I had lost my everything..

Tears comes out when anybody asks how I am..

Tears comes out all the times now.. like uncontrollable and hopeless.. that I’ve changed my theories..

Tears comes out because.. there’s no place for tears in my eyes.. since there’s a beautiful girl living in my eyes…


Ask me.. how what’s the value of memories.. because.. who else will better know.. what’s the value of memories..

When I have started collecting memories.. since I was fallen in love with her..

I have collected each and every of memories.. which reminds me of her..

Which reminds me how much I love her.. which reminds me how much I thinks of her..

Which reminds me how much I’m mad for her.. how much I’ve cried of her..

But the memories were never important than her.. I came to know about that just now..

When she came into my life.. I dumped all of my memories into a corner..

And I wasn’t collecting any much memories.. And now I’ve lost her..

I’m surrounded by all of my memories I dumped before.. I’m surrounded by everything which reminds me of her..

And I cry for the times When I use to think I’ve almost had her..

Now all the time I’m spending collecting each and every memory which reminds me of her..

How beautiful the times were.. everything reminds me of…


Ask me.. the value of a life.. because.. Only I’ve spent my best life..

People say total number of breaths and heartbeats given by GOD to us is life..

But I say they are all wrong..

Only breaths I taken when she was with me.. and my heart beated in being with her..

is my total life.. though that time was only of few months..

But I consider I’ve lived my whole life.. and I don’t want to live anymore..

The life I’ve lived was totally wonderful and beautiful than anybody’s else..

There’s no need to tell much.. being with her is the only beauty of life…


Ask me.. the value of moments.. because.. I’ve the most beautful moments in my life..

Though.. my life was only of few months.. but there are millions of beautiful moments..

And all those were given by her only..

There was a moment in my life.. when she used to say sorry that I picked your call late..

Even though she was picking my call at first ring..

There was a moment in my life.. when she gave me a new name.. just new identity..

There was a moment in my life………….

Words fails to explain.. what and how beautiful moments she gave in my life..

But out of all such moments.. most beautiful moments were.. when I used to listen her laughing and smiling..

I can die for that smile..


Ask me.. the how small things can change the life.. and maybe forever.. because..

No one else will better know that than me..

Even some small things we do.. have big affect on our lives..

Sometimes giving painful results.. and changing life forever..

It’s better to think twice before doing anything..

Such things I did.. I don’t consider those things small..

I wish I could go back to past and make everything right.. what I did wrong…


Ask me.. what pain feels like.. because.. I consider.. I’m the one who’ve felt the yetmost pain..

God!!! such injusries are never visible.. but I always feel the untolerable pain..

I’ve spent the years in pain.. And now I’ve lost everything..

Pain is more deep and untolerable.. that I just want to end up my life..

Who else will better know how pain feels like than me..

When I always pray for her’s happiness at night..

And I pray I don’t want to wake up in morning..

But every morning I wakes up.. I see the sun.. and I pray for her’s happiness again..

And I pray I don’t want to see the sun next morning..


Ask me.. how it feels when we truly love someone..

Who else will better know the meaning of truly loving someone than me..

When I find always myself thinking of her..

When I don’t see any other girl than her..

When my heart always tells me.. that its worth waiting for her till the last breath..

When I am willing to spend my whole life trying to tell her how much I love her..

When my mind always tells me its worth sacrificing anything for her…


Ask me.. how a warm hug and kiss feels like.. because.. who else will better know that than me..

Warm hugs and kisses given by her.. were so unique and were special in her own way..

There’s no match to her..

Whenever I used to feel cold.. she had given me her warmth..

Whenever I felt crying.. she had given me warm hugs..

Whenever I felt sad.. she had vanished away my sadness.. by her warm kisses..


Ask me.. how it feels when we are really missing someone.. because.. I’ve lost my everything..

I’m missing my everything.. All what I feel is darkness everywhere.. even if I’m sitting in a full lit place..

My every heartbeat asks me about her.. My each breath asks where she’ve gone.. My each tear longs for her..

Sometimes I smile in tears and pain.. with the thoughts of her’s sweetness..

I’m keeping a count of lonely moments.. My hope still not dying.. since my love is so strong..

Hoping that someday she will be back in my life..

And I will tell her.. how I had passed all my days without her and how much I love her…


Ask me.. how it feels when we are living with regrets.. No one else can better know that than me..

Since.. I’m having the most and big regrets..

I wish I could go back to those most regretful days..

Which are responsible of such horrible and painful present of mine..

Those regretful days.. when I hurted her..

Those regretful days.. when I made her cry..

Those regretful days.. when I left her alone..

Those regretful days.. when I made her angry…


Ask me.. what’s her name..

Other persons might know her’s one name only.. and might call her by that..

But for me.. she’ve millions of names.. and I thinks about her by that..

Since everthing surrounding me always reminds me her..

Wherever I go.. any things I’m surrounded by.. reminds me of her..


Ask me.. what she is and who she is..

What she is??? She’s the most sweetest and cutest girl in this whole world..

She’s the only beautiful girl in this whole world..

There are millions of girls.. but no one is like her..

No other else has such grace.. which could fill her place..

She’s awesome.. GOD’s best and favorite creation..

And.. who she is?? She’s the one and only beautiful angel sent from above..

That why rainfall happens.. because GOD often cries missing her..

That’s why Sun rises just to watch her beauty..

That’s why moon exists.. because everything moon is having.. is borrowed from her..

Because of her rainbows exists.. everything beautiful other peoples see.. exists just beacause of her..

But for me she’s the only beauty.. I don’t see anything other than her.. and I don’t want to…




Ask me.. what I have lost.. and what I’m left with.. :'(


– DPSS …