I wanted to send you:
The fresh breath of the new born , misty morn,
The early pearl-like drops of dew,
Glistening in the first rays of the sun,
The showers of April flowers-yellow blooms,
A little sip of the gurgling stream,
That spurts continuously,
Gushing  refreshingly across cobbled paths.


I wanted to send you:
A little baby’s beautiful smiles –
As she sleeps and plays with angels in her dreams,
Wisps of breeze, so pleasant yet engulfing.
The lilting sounds of a lone flute’s melody
That tugs at the  sweet pain of the heartstrings,
The serenity of a temple mingled with  whiffs-
Frangrant flowers, incense and drones of ‘mmmmm’.


I wanted to send you:
The soothing silence of the moon,
As she glides so gracefully on the aisles of the skies,
The radiance of the stars,
Those million twinkling eyes of darkness,

Or instead……..Wish I could send you……
A mother’s loving lap to rest your tired soul,
And lull you to sweet slumber—
Unperturbed of a being all grown up and shying wont.


But all I send you is….
This white sheet of paper…
Wrapped with words and words…
…… Life giving sap …..

A little token,

……… For just being you ..

– Nelly