She struggled, she strived,
To give me the best Life ..

When I cried in the middle of the night,
She held me in her arms to make me quite ..

She is an ideal when it comes to sacrifice ..
She sacrificed her happiness to give me a good life ..

She’s sad when I have tears in my eyes ..
Her love is divine which never belies ..

She was my best friend when I had none …
She played with me and it was utmost fun ….

She sang songs for me to put me to bed …
She stayed up late nights till her eyes turned red ..

She fed me with her hands when I was hungry ..
I threw away the food but she never got angry ..

She held my hand and taught me to walk ..
I used to creep like a snal over the rocks ..

When I fell down, she picked me up ..
Wiped my tears and asked me to be tough …

She is an Angel to me cuz her heart is pure …
Today I stand strong and owe this life to her …

When there was no one, it was only her ..
She is none other than my beautiful Mother …

I want her to be happy no matter if I’ve to strive for a life long ..
I’ll shed down my blood for her happiness cuz I truly Love my Mom !!