“I wandered lonely as a cloud ..
Tears stream down as I vowed ..

I take a vow, I won’t ever truly love again ..
Love knocks the door many times but i refrain ..

Living in solitude, far away from the folks ..
Looking at the stars, some old memories evoke ..

I travel down to my past, wherein Love dwells within me ..
A cute little angel standing with her arms wrapped around me ..

Under the dark, with the stars watching over me ..
My beloved held my hand and asked,”Do you Love me”?

I said I truly love her but I am afraid of falling apart ..
I asked her to hold my hand forever, not to break my heart ..

She promised she would never do that, as she would die without me ..
She said she could never stop loving me, no matter wherever we be ..

One day she comes down to me with a baleful look over her face ..
I see tears roll down her eyes, I kiss her forehead as I embrace ..

She said everyone was against our Love but she would never leave me ..
She said she was ready to leave everyone and wants to runaway with me ..

She was a lil Angel, a sweet lil girl who didn’t know the difficulties of life ..
I didn’t even had a single pennny, even a good squaremeals a day would be deprived ..

We both were ready to face everything, even a peice of bread would be fine ..
We would share that single peice of bread, we would be happy even with a dime ..

Knowing this her parents took her thousands of miles far away from me …
I get to know this, I am ready to travel thousands of miles across the sea ..

How do I get there, I didn’t even had a single penny in my pocket ..
I curse for having no money, no one helps me and for days I just fret ..

People said that if she loves me she would find a way out of this ..
It was never in her hands as her parents locked her and she was helpless ..

She could not even run away from the house as she was only seventeen ..
Travelling halfway across the globe wasn’t possible even if I was nineteen ..

Things did end up that day, days turned into months & months turned into years ..
I still truly love and miss her very much and my eyes are filled up with tears …

No one helped me as everyone was mean ..
Loving somone was the only biggest sin ..

I live in Solitude, I always wander lonely as a cloud ..
Tears never stopped rolling down my eyes as I vowed !!