“I know um grumpy but I hate to grapple with you ..
I know um a freakin dolt but I would turn over a new leaf for you .. !!

I know um a retard who expects so many things from you ..
I’ll lower my expectations so as to accommodate myself with you .. !!

I know um impatient but I’ll learn to keep the patience of the saint ..
When I see you depressed, I hate myself and I repent .. !!

I curse the person within me when I find myself the reason for your grief ..
I feel like killing myself so that my soul heaves a sigh of relief .. !!

My life’s full of deprivation but I would learn to smile even in the pain ..
How do I hide my tears from you, cuz you can notice me crying even if I walk in the rain ..!!

I need to annihilate .. need to kill the wicked person that dwells within me ..
I would change myself giving you no reason to repent for being in love with me” .. !!