“I was walking alone in the dark with a raging fire in my heart ..
Thinking I was a spell to the mankind broke up into pieces apart .. !!

Tears rolling down my face, all I could hear was the sobbing of my heart ..
I did pity my soul by collecting the broken pieces fallen apart .. !!

I saw someone coming as if God showered his grace ..
I experienced a glimpse of almighty on her smiling innocent face … !!

All of a sudden the wind slowed down …
The leaves laughing at me had a reckless frown .. !!

She lifted me up when I was about to fall ..
When I gave up walking, gave up to crawl .. !!

She healed my heart with the warmth of her hug ..
My pain vanished and a dupe turned out to be a smug (Satisfied person) .. !!

She ended up asking me the reason for my grief ..
I answered her feebly that I was deceived .. !! (deceived in true love)

She said,”You ain’t at loss even if your beloved left you ..
Your love is divine and she didn’t deserve to be with you .. !!

“Move on with your life like a flowing river ..
Stubb off the raging fire into a small flicker .. !!

That day I realized friends turned out to be angels for me ..
Without pleading for help they get to you wherever you be .. !!

They were the healer of my scars, of all my pain ..
Without them, this life would have went in vain … !!

My love for them would always stay the same ..
Even if the devil comes down to me and torture me with pain .. !!

Friends are indeed Angels in disguise ….
They show off the truth when you’re surrounded by lies .. !!