An innocent little child,

standing all alone

at the center of a sea,

not knowing when,

the storm comes and strikes her..

waiting for someone

to come and take her away,

to the shore.

but, nobody is there to support her,

everyone is busy with themselves.

Thinking of only I and MY,

human is gonna one day

destroy everything.

The greed in this world is becoming heavier,

giving checks and mates to all relations.

Book of life

Life’s Lessons Learnt

Of some tough lessons learnt

Are the ones life churned……

Clay ovens cook tastier dishes,

Coins and coppers are not help for paupers,

For he casts the nets who learns as he fishes,

To master the art, break out of a mould.

Its guts that targets your dreams into goals.


Diamonds are but unpolished stones,

A posthumous poet is the one well-known,

Locksmith, gold smithy, black-smith

Temperates a furious furnace aglow;

As He delivers each heavy blow—moulds me…..

Coy, sensible, sensitive, patient, kind, humane,

It lends me forte and stoics the soul…keeps sanity sane,

The more the iron is heated, better are gestures and words.


He kneads me dainty and quaint-

Malleable, permeable, so adaptable-

Into roles-daughter, sister, wife, mother ,friend,

Chiselled and fabricated into each sole,

Through seven stages seeps–

Lady Wisdom draped in grey-

Grey silver strands, grey cells,

Emboldens to look life in the eye,

Not fight shy.

Why should I woe,or sigh –

Tossed on Fate’s heaves and highs

When Life who no man can please

Yet saunters our foreheads to crease

Creeds crumple and crumble…………………


Sandalwood perfumes the very axe

That cuts its umbilical cord from   its soil,

That if within your family there is no belonging

Then no thing becomes your belongings,

Until and unless you dare

Never was a chance-Fair and square,

When alive if love is not made known

It bears no warmth on a cold and cherished tombstone.

God definitely is the Alpha and Omega

Yet resides in the person next to you

Seeds of friendship once sowed are a delta-fertile

Helps you sow,reap,harvest,repent,forgive,grow and borne life

AND…..When life finally buoys down……

ITS-To each his own…….

To each his own……

To each his own……To each his own……..each…..his ……own…..

– Nelly

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